Professional services with passion and trust.


Expertise in retail sales and marketing


Effective communication that fully meets clients' objectives


Sapparot Company Limited is a small marketing and event planner based in Bangkok.
We communicate the business objectives through marketing activities and events.
From formal conference to fun flea market, we challenge ourselves to develop the unique marketing activations
and exciting new ideas for events. Our clients seek our services because they know that we have the knowledge,
the abilities, the people, and the database to execute their plan and make their thinkable ideas become achievable.
As a business partner, we are highly committed to delivering our professional services with passion and trust.

What We Do

Our customized approach combines deep understanding of our clients’ business objectives and our creative ideas into
effective and practical marketing action plans. We strategize, conceptualize, design
and develop theme and concepts to product the extraordinary professional results.
With close collaboration with clients’ teams and their business partners, our work style and customized approaches
ensure that our clients achieve the results they look for. Our services include:

Corporate Event Planning

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As an event planner, we ensure that every activity supports our clients’ objectives and develop the best budget plan for the event. From seminar, conference, workshop, to exhibition, our professional services synthesize of our marketing and communication knowledge, experienced staffs, and network of operational experts that capable us to deliver the efficient and successful services to our clients.

Marketplace Creation

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Our highlight strength is that we have expertise in retail sales and marketing. With true understanding in retail industry and concrete database of retail vendors, Sapparot has created lively “marketplace” events that can respond to the dynamic marketing requirements. To meet specific objectives, we provide customized and creative expositions connecting interesting enthusiastic vendors as well as products, services, and ideas with customers in dynamic face-to-face market environments.

Customized Media Production

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Our goal is to ensure the effective communication that fully aligned with the clients’ objectives. Project ownership and entrepreneurial spirit drive us to innovate and offer the most suitable media alternatives. We help our clients showcase their message through ideation, content management, practical graphic design, and well-planned copywriting.


We understand the sophisticated market needs in events. That's why we work to find fresher ways
to bring new experiences through our works every day. Please take a look at the wide range of services
that we deliver and discover how Sapparot can bring your needs to life through creative marketing activations.
Our insight into our clients’ needs and requirements together with our commitment help guarantees that we will bring visions to life.

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With experience from retail services and consulting background,
we share a deep commitment to our clients and a passion for
positive change, which help create alternative thinking and solutions.
Our team provides clients professional and attentive services with
marketing skills and experiences. We are committed to providing our clients
with the strongest foundation of their success. At Sapparot, we are entrepreneurs who lead by creative strategic examples; and it’s our commitment, our practical solutions, our ideas
and our people that make us who we are.

Piyapong Aiyara

With a background in retail marketing and sales for over 10 years, he has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Bangkok University, a Master from MRE, Thammasat University.

Nupatra Tantadvanichkul (Ming)

Ming holds an MBA from Babson College, Wellesley and a Bachelor in Economics from Thammasat University. She has over 10 years of experiences in consulting in retail property development and marketing.

Ratiporn Tantadvanichkul (Nini)

Nini has background in research and consulting. She holds an MA in Marketing Communication and Advertising from Emerson College, Boston and a Bachelors in Political Science from Chulalongkorn University.